Free polo shirt

Unisex polo shirt with collar made with sculpted prims.

permitted Modify and Copy.
0 L$



Black polo shirt

Unisex black polo shirt with collar and buttons made with
sculpted prims.

Permitted Modify and Copy. 120L$


Yellow tank-top

Sexy tank-top for ladies.

Permitted Modify and Copy

Only tops  :  50L$
With denim pants and prim belt : 170L$

Basic jeans

Basic unisex jeans.
Permitted Modify and Copy.

Sleeveless polo

Sleeveless polo for woman, with impressive horizontal stripes.

Permitted Modify and Copy

Included three layer shirt and collar and button made with prims.


Mens jacket set

The set of mens' jacket, pants white shirt and prim tie.

Include : Jacket / Pants / White shirt /
             Prim collar and tie

Permitted only modify and copy.


Navy jacket set

The set of navy jacket ,white shirt checkered skirt and colorful necktie.
You wear these clothes, you look like Japanese High school girls.

Include : Navy Jacket / Prim skirt / White shirt / Prim collar and tie
Permitted only modify and copy


Black polo shirt

Unisex Black polo with a collar and buttons made of prims attached.

Enable Modifi and Copy


Checkerd shirts

Unisex checkered shirts.

I offer two colors red and blue clothes,
with prim maid roll-up sleeves and coller.  



Open the new shop in Mainland.

Hi, my name is Honoca Noel. The virtual space of Second Life, I have owned a clothing shop "AozoraKobo".
I open the new shop in main land SIM Ohno.
The location is here. Everyone, please feel free to come in my shop.

"AozoraKobo"Main Land Shop